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Principal's Message

Welcome to Northeast Middle School!

At Northeast Middle School, our primary goal is to develop life-long student learners and move toward 100% proficiency in all academic areas. We are proud of our student achievement. Students, teachers, parents, and administrators develop an educational plan to place students in a position to be successful through the school improvement process. We feel it is important to develop a well-rounded student through emphasis on the core areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts; along with an understanding of diversity, technology, humanities, volunteerism and extra-curricular offerings.

Dirk DeBoer
Dirk Deboer
8th Grade Science-Maglev Cars Tailgate Fun Science Electronics Club Science Olympiad Robo Builders A Christmas Carol Revisited
Two 7th grade ELA classes recently combined efforts to bring this classic to life.

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Snow Day Status

Midland Public Schools’  Staff, Students and Families

Midland Public Schools’ staff, students and families should plan that June 10, 11, 12 WILL BE REGULAR SCHOOL DAYS to make up the three inclement weather days that need to be rescheduled.  However, please keep in mind that winter is not over and should we need additional inclement weather days, June 13 and 14 may also be needed to be scheduled as regular school days as well.

Please watch the MPS website and Superintendent Communique for further updates.

Northeast Secondary Course Offerings 2019-2020


Start Time: 8:05am
End Time: 2:50pm

Half-day Hours
Start Time: 8:05am
End Time: 11:15am

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